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Literary Professional Translation Services

Some people say that literary translation is an imperfect science at best. We prefer to think of it as an art. Each literary translator is an artist who is working on a new masterpiece. Of course, once their done with their language art it’s yours to keep. You maintain full rights to the text once we’re finished.

Literary Translation Styles

Those who work in literary translation have a saying that a translator has to speak two different cultures in an addition to two different languages. When our literary translation service takes a work of fiction they try to preserve the original culture as much as possible. If you have any concerns about this aspect of translation you can always write us an email and let us know what the issue is. When you ask for literary translation, we actually pair your task up with a writer. You’ll always be able to speak directly to them.

Perfecting a Literary Translation

Literary translator staff isn’t always familiar with a topic, so we make sure that we pair you with someone who has some experience in the field. Say you wrote something in English and you wanted to translate story to Spanish. The story you wrote is perhaps about a really high stakes game of contract bridge. If someone isn’t familiar with the rules of bridge than they’re not going to be able to translate story to Spanish for you.

In some cases literary translators want to make things seem a little more exotic than they were in the original text. Sometimes this sort of literature translation would be acceptable. In other cases, though, a fully literal set of book translations is preferred. If you have any instructions like this please let us know. We can even apply these same concepts to a poetry translation if there were any issues. in Fiction

Clients are sometimes concerned that the finished translation might be transcribed from an outside source. We double-check everything for plagiarism. One check is done by hand and another is done by a piece of software. You won’t have to worry about misappropriated text.

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