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Online French Translator Service

Acquiring the data

The first step is to acquire data from the customer. Our online French translator service has a very easy way of doing so. The data is submitted via a project manager assigned to you. Throughout the process, the project manager handles all the business related to your assignment. This data (excluding your personal information) is then sent to the French translators. At this stage, we also talk and decide upon the deadline for the assignment and the corresponding pricing models. Our French text translator service has very flexible pricing models.

Editing the assignment

Our online French translator service guarantees error free articles. This is because of the translators we hire. Each translator for French speaks the language natively. Therefore, they can write and translate documents in a livid manner. Our online French translator provides a personal touch in the form of your opinions and suggestions. While we are editing the article, the project manager asks for your suggestions on the article. In case you want anything extra to be added, you can tell the manager. This way all your points will also get inculcated into the assignment.

Discussing the draft

Once the translator has prepared the first copy of the translation, the manager discusses the draft with you. At this point of time, we provide any extra inputs that we would want to. We also ask you to come up with any suggestions, corrections, omissions or additions. This helps us to increase the efficiency of our French online translator as well.

Final drafting and review

After your suggestions have been noted, the translator finally prepares and submits the assignment. This assignment is then proof read by at least two more translators. Any mistakes that are present at this stage are edited. Finally, the assignment is submitted to the customer.

Even after this, if there is need of alterations, deletions or additions, we do that at free of charge! This is the procedure we follow to keep our translation service transparent, error free, quick and economical.


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