Frequently Asked Questions


Common Questions About the Best Translation Services

How do I know your translation company can handle my order?
We are a professional translation service that employs only the best and most professional translators in the industry. We assign a professional that specializes in your specific translation needs. When your order is complete, it will be thoroughly edited and proofread by a native speaker of the language to verify the project meets your requests.
Does your translation service use translation software?
No. Our service only works with native speaking and professional translators that specialize in translation. We have professional reviewers, who are native speakers of the language, verify that all content is authentic.
What are the languages you are able to translate?
Our professional translation service offers more than 100 different languages to translate. Please check our languages section to review the languages we can translate.
How long does it take to get my project?
The timeline depends on the size of the order, however, for a project that is 3-4 pages it typically takes about 1-2 days to complete the order. We also have a rush order service if you need your project at a quicker rate. We do our best to meet every deadline and if there is ever a reason that we may not meet the time, we will let you know well in advance.
Are your translators experienced?
We only hire professional and experienced translators. Our translators are fluent and/or native speakers.
How do I pay for my order?
We offer two ways of safe and trusted payment methods: directly via your credit card. Whatever payment method you chose, we guarantee complete confidentiality and ensure that your data is secure.
What if my translation is not delivered in time?
This was never an issue for us. However, in case such situation does occur, the translator may ask for an extension if agreed with you. If you’re not willing to wait any longer for your translation, you will get your money back.
What is the average cost of the translation?
The price varies from order to order. The amount will depend on the due date, source language, scope of work and complexity of the topic.
How long will my translation take?
Probably the most asked question we get. But the answer is – it depends. We are able to complete your order as fast as in 24 hours, although the translation rates per page will obviously be higher.