Why Do You Need an Accurate Judicial Translation?

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The Need of Accurate Judicial Translation

When it comes to judicial translation there are many things that people talk about, from what does it really mean to who does it? In this article, however, we would be looking at a more vital form of translation which has to do with the translation of judicial texts. Translation could be across different languages and there are many reasons why people are involved in juridical translation. There could be judicial Spanish translation just as there can be a juridical English translation. It really depends on what one wants to translate. It is the many aspects to this that we would be looking at here.

So in this article, we would look at the definition of legal translation. Why you would want to have a juridical translation, why you would need professional translation services, the features, and benefits of this translation. We would also state a thing or two about the consequences of improper translation. All these would help you to better appreciate this topic of juridical text translation which would no doubt be a great step in ensuring that you have a better knowledge of this very important topic.

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What is Juridical Translation Actually

What Juridical Translation Actually Is

So what exactly is the juridical translation? As this is the very first question that we must try to answer if ever we would be able to comprehend the rest of what we shall be looking at below. The best way to define this is to first of all look at each word in this phrase individually. That is, we would first of all define, judicial, juridical and then we would define translation. From here, we would be able to have a holistic view of the phrase and appreciate its meaning better.

  • Judicial: in simple terms, this means relating to or pertaining to the judges and the courts of law
  • Juridical: On the other hand, juridically refers to the administration of the law and what pertains to it.
  • Translation: this simply means the act of converting from one language to another. It usually involves the conversion of texts.

Putting all this together, you would appreciate that juridical translation simply refers to the translation of a legal document. That is something either related to the courts or something that has to do with the dispensation of law. This could be in any form. It could be business, commercial and a host of others like we would see more intently below.

Another question that is of importance that we try to answer is the question of why people seek juridical translation. It must be said that this is not a form of interpretation. In other words, what is been spoken of here does not necessarily mean one does not understand what has been written and needs a lawyer to help them interpret it. So what is the purpose of this? You see, a lot of people transact businesses across multiple countries and across language divides. In the incidence that a suit is raised for any reason, there has to be judicial translation done. This would involve first the understanding of both legal structures as well as an understanding of both languages. One cannot have an ideal translation off legal papers or law documents any other way. This is one of the reasons why people would need to have this kind of translation done. It is the best way to ensure that there is no breach of the agreement and any suit that arises is properly handled in the right way.

We offer

We Offer a Wide Range of Translation of Judicial Texts Services

Our team can provide you with reliable support for all your legal documents and papers, including birth/death certificates, passports, migration documents, contracts and many more. You can get access to accurate and fast judicial translation services any time. Our help includes but not limited to:

  • Arbitration documents
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  • Regulatory documents
  • Death/Birth certificates
  • Marriage/Divorce certificates
  • Adoption documents
  • Migration documents
  • Wills and deeds
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Legal depositions
  • Legal tax documents
  • Contracts
  • Licensing agreements

We offer our judicial translation in 250+ languages, including:

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  • Hebrew ⇄ Chinese
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  • Arabic ⇄ Spanish
  • English ⇄ UK Urdu
  • Russian ⇄ Polish

Importance of Professional Judicial Translation

If you appreciated the import of what was looked at in the previous segment of why people need a juridical translation done, you would no doubt appreciate why a professional assistance should be gotten to have this translation done. Just like we would see below there are a lot of consequences that can arise as a result of an improper juridical text translation and this in itself is one of the reasons why you need to utilize the services of a professional. We would look at 4 other reasons below:

To ensure proper translation

A professional has ample experience in this kind of delicate legal translation work and you are sure that there would be no issues with them.

To ensure a translation that both judges would understand

they would be able to give a translation that a judge would be able to relate with properly.

An appreciation of the two legal systems

A professional legal translator appreciates the two legal systems. Because the legal systems differ and without an appreciation of the differences in the legal structures that are involved, a proper translation cannot be done.

An appreciation of the two languages

there would also need to be an appreciation of the two languages involved. This would help them to properly translate the text.


Specific Features of Juridical Translation

There are specific features of this kind of translation of law documents that the translator is well aware of to ensure that they can carry out the job of online document translation properly and accurately. We would look at 4 of these features below to help you understand what a professional translator can do for you.

An understanding of juridical terms/system in the original language

There must be an appreciation of the legal terms and system of the original language.

An understanding of juridical terms/system in the translation language

the translator must understand the juridical terms/system of the language being translated to.

Understanding of both languages

of course, this is the primary feature but it is not the only thing needed in judicial text translation. Nevertheless, the translator must understand both languages that are involved.

Understanding the essence of the translation

the essence of the translation is not to take the text out word for word, but to translate it in such a way that the meaning of the original text is retained.


Benefits of Juridical Translation

It is important to note that legal transaction or translation of this legal paper or document does not just involve direct language translation. It involves first an appreciation of the interpretation of the document so that translation is not just replacing texts for the linguistic representative as it may not make sense eventually. But the translation would involve the direct reflection of the true meaning of the original document. This is why the importance of using a professional translator cannot be overemphasized.

The benefits of this form of translation of legal papers are plenty but 4 of them are highlighted below:
  • It enhances smooth judicial processes
  • It ensures that justice is not compromised or lost
  • It ensures that both parties are satisfied at the end of the day
  • It helps both judges and the courts to contribute fairly to the case

Consequences of Inaccurate Translation

Just the way there are benefits there also consequences in the event that an inaccurate translation occurs, some of these consequences are highlighted below:
  • One could incur loss, which may be monetary or otherwise
  • Both parties could be dissatisfied at the end
  • There may be interference of justice
  • Unplanned wrong may be done

What is the differences between judicial, juridical, law and legal translations? These terms are all involved in translation law documents. Their meaning, however, varies slightly. While judicial as shown above refers to the aspect of dispensing the law, juridically refers to translations that are involved as regarding the court or the judge. Law and legal translations, on the other hand, refer to the other aspect of translations that are usually involved. Generally, however, they follow the same principle and feature of translations. In other words, they must be done accordingly and properly to prevent unwanted experiences in the parties that are involved.


The Need of Accurate Judicial Translation

Juridical translation or judicial translation as the case may be is clear to be a very important topic. This is because it has quite a lot of advantages, especially when done with the help of professionals. It can, however, have its own consequences when it is not done right. This is why anyone involved with the translation of juridical texts must ensure that effort is placed to doing it right.

A law translation dictionary is essential too in judicial text translation. It would be of great help both to the translator as well as to those who are involved and the courts. We would list an example of 4 of this type of dictionary below
  • TransLegal dictionary
  • Law dictionary
  • Tamil law translation dictionary
  • Japanese law translation
  • The above are examples of law translation dictionaries that one can use.